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Since March 2019


Geneva, Switzerland

From February 2018 to March 2019


Geneva, Switzerland

July 2017-February 2018


Geneva, Switzerland

October 2016-May 2017


Vaud, Switzerland

June-December 2016


Geneva, Switzerland

June-December 2016


Geneva, Switzerland


Worldwide leader in conflict resolution

Manage the digitalization projects for the corporate services

Review processes and business procedures to deploy simple and digital solutions carry on vendor selections, lead software implementation


Specialized in e-health and GIS to monitor
and/or visualize key data on maps.

National digital dashboard project to track vaccination campaigns in Pakistan:

  • Lead the project as Scrum Master: elicit requirements, define the scope, time, resources, deal with quality, issues, and risks. Weekly online interactions with the client. Bring new KPI to monitor and mitigate risks, report to the board

  • All key priorities covered: 50% of the product backlog, in 50% of the allocated time. Analysis to refine an allocation algorithm. Support key user training and daily business


International dashboard to visualize health facilities activities and statuses in emergency contexts, worldwide​​

  • Lead the project as Scrum Master. Weekly and even daily interactions with the client empowered as Product Owner

  • Three releases in three months. Solution embedded within an existing Public Health Information Services (PHIS)


GIS: Geographical Information Systems, worldwide

  • Internal auditing and improvement on deliverables

  • Test the applications, involved in the UX/UI and improve the documentation


Latin America pilot to monitor rubeola and measles outbreak

  • Design training material and end-user guide in Spanish

  • Train in Spanish the Columbian health experts on a tailored risk management application, during a workshop in Bogotá for 4 days


Release the TARMED into an existing public health software:

  • Lead a task force to implement new mandatory TARMED features within a children’s dental care software

  • On-track when assignment was achieved, business expressed his satisfaction in writing

Audit internally and promote the offers from IT department

  • Audit educational subject matter experts with Enterprise architect to articulate a new IT offer

  • Expectations were depicted and prioritized, and a first schedule was given to the SME


Implement a custom-tailored public health app. to replace a paper-based solution for children’s dental care, a digital transformation project:

  • Business analysis and change management

  • Requirements were collected, processes and procedures were depicted, workshops to drive the change were done

leader in hospitality

Upgrade an LMS (Moodle):

  • Manage the project including the relationships with the business and the software development team

  • Key features were implemented, and product lifecycle was started again


Implement a MOOC (Open edX) within an administrative solution, for a new MBA program

  • Involved in solution implementation as one of the BA

  • Contribution in the solution design, specifications, personas, data flow diagrams and business value mapping

Working also with Human Resources, legal and logistic departments

For the DG election, gather requirements for an electronic voting system and then analyse the process of the existing paper-based solution to optimize the voting experience:

  • Map data processes, depict the journey of end-users and contribute to summarize the risks addressed by technical specialists and non-technical stakeholders

  • Analysis was included in the auditing report, which contributed to keep the current paper based voting system, saving 1/3 of the time by modifying the process


Drug development process, release authorization: involving
country representatives, the organization and pharma. lab.:

  • Data modelling and business motivation analysis to support the work performed by the MD & Product Owner

  • Solution was described, and a Proof of Concept was run. Waiting for funding when the assignment ended


Global learning program:

  • Audit the collection of business requirements for two legacy systems, then analyze the risks and constraints incoordination with the system administrator

  • Result of the audit was presented to the heads of HR and

IT, who decided to use it for further internal investigations


Member of the jury, for a Swiss Marketing diploma in digital project management and business analysis:

  • Evaluate the activity report, ending the education program

  • Review the reports, provide feedback and grades

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