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Let's drive your business transformation thanks to digital innovation.


Transforming your business implies digitalizing some processes, managing innovative projects, offering new products and customers' experiences, and monitoring all these changes to deliver the expected value. So, digitalization is a journey, and like any journey, a driver is needed.

Seasoned with 24+ years of experience, my commitment to you is to be by your side as your digital advisor to support you in driving this journey. So, in concrete terms, I will:

  1. Analyze who you are and what your goal is. It implies defining a vision with a scope and a list of activities, assessing the risks due to the changes, and then articulating possible tactics to transform your business driven by this digital innovation.

  2. Manage the implementation of the selected solution at technical and organizational levels. It that will bring value to your organization, either by delivering a product or managing a project and even a program to encompass all activities related to the same budget and planning.

  3. Strengthen the adoption of the implemented solution by the different stakeholders according to their contexts, needs, and values. 

Feel free to contact me, and let's start your digitalization journey.

Start by understanding

Starting by understanding who you are: your business, your context, your stakeholders, and your unique proposition to create value for customers and beneficiaries, as well as learn more about your data lifecycle and the core values of your organization.


This also implies addressing the changes, either from an organizational or technological standpoint, driven by the new solution. Risks, constraints, opportunities, skills, and capabilities also belong to this detailed analysis.

Deliverables include: Specifications, requirement management matrix, testing scenarios, user acceptance tests, change requests, organizational procedures, business processes, decision tables, stakeholder mapping and RACI matrices.

Implement the tailored solution & deliver value

Delivering custom-tailored solutions implies creating and managing the digital product and/or driving the project related to the digital transformation.


Accordingly to your needs and your organization's mindset, this step can either be done in an agile, a waterfall, or a blended approach.

Deliverables include: Project management plan, dealing with scope, WBS, schedule, budget, quality, human resources, risk, communication, and procurement aspects as well as a catalog of services, a product backlog managed by the delivered value to be incremented.

Share the solution with every stakeholder

Share the changes brought by the new vision within the user's community.

The goal is to catalyze people's empowerment by offering a modular environment. So, every profile discovers the solution and builds new capabilities his way, step-by-step, with concrete and short-term wins.

Deliverables included: Digital content like e-learning modules, videos, manuals, surveys, and serious games. It also includes Key Performance Indicators about satisfaction and acquired skills, incidents and problems, community leaders, lessons learned, and best practices.

Marble Surface
Good notions
Business analysis
Certified Business Analysis Professional. CBAP by IIBA@
Project management
Project Management Professional. PMP by PMI®
Change management
Certified Change Practitioner. CCP by Prosci® with the ADKAR@ model
Scrum@ Product Owner (PSPO I) and Scrum Master (PSM I)
Training & technical communication
Swiss training certification for adults. Technical writer by Novancia Business School
Good notions and keen to improve
Software design
Good notions and keen to improve

Providing a service implies results but it also implies guaranteeing discretion. Therefore no client name is published on the Web. That being said, you may reach me for any further information - including references and testimonials.


I had been pleased to serve clients in automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, sports federations, public administrations, and software publishers.

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Since 2016
Visiting Lecturer & Coach​

For Swiss educational institutions


  • Perform awareness and training sessions, run workshops on project management and business analysis, and be a member of a jury for a federal diploma in digital project management

  • Clients: University, private training academy, private school, and IT companies 

Since 2011
Senior Consultant and then
Program Manager

For Swiss public administrations and international organizations

  • Program and project management, business analysis, and training consultancy, including leading the digital transformation. That implies:

    • Review business processes, IT policies, and corporate procedures

    • Design, build and deploy tailored applications, with the agile framework or the waterfall methodology

    • Lead the change, by providing communication, training, and guidance to the stakeholders

  • Clients and employers: Pharmaceutical companies, business schools, and universities, Swiss administrations, NGOs, sports federations, and watch manufacturers

1999 to 2010
Consultant & Trainer

For clients in Switzerland, Asia, Europe, The North, and Latin Americas​

  • Project management, technical communication, and training

  • Clients and employers: Authentication & security ink providers,  automotive, pharmaceutical & tobacco companies, CRM software publishers, French & Swiss states, NGOs, and sports federations

2016 - 2021
Professional certificates

Certified by PMI®, IIBA®, Scrum®, Prosci®, and FSEA

Certified in​:

  • Project Management. PMP: Project Management Professional in 2016 by PMI®

  • Business Analysis. CBAP: Certified Business Analysis Professional in 2016 by IIBA®

  • Agility. Scrum® Product Owner (PSPO I) in 2020 and Scrum Master (PSM I) in 2021

  • Change Management. CCP: Certified Change Practitioner in 2020 by Prosci® according to the ADKAR model

  • Training for adults: Swiss certificate FSEA M1

Executive MBA

Business school. HEC Lausanne. Switzerland

Executive MBA. Specialization in Healthcare Management. In partnership with EPFL and ESSEC.

Technical communication degree 

Business school. Novancia. Paris, France

How to analyze an audience, context and needs to finally convey technical information to a non-technical audience, the best way possible by adjusting the content and the media.

Master's degree in biochemistry

University. Paris 7. Jussieu, Paris. France

As an Erasmus student, internship for 6 months at Arrhenius laboratoriet, in Stockholm. Sweden

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